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This website was launched on 10 March 2018. Our vision is to satisfy the buyer if he wants to buy something for him. We look products of Amazon and our experts do research on them and after analyzing the product we give our final verdict. When you are searching the web you will find many products but you don’t know if they are good or not so our job is to look that product and after analyzing give the review to the viewer that what are the problems in it and what are the features in them.


About Founder:

I am Hamza Atiq and I am the founder of maqmart.com. How I started this website? Basically, to start this website there was an idea.  One day I was searching for a mobile phone and when I read about that on the official website of mobile there were only specifications but I was not satisfied because I couldn’t see the CONS on that page.

When I bought that phone and I used that then I felt some issues in it but that was not told in the official website. Then I decided to create a website where I can give the full review whether the product is good for the customer or not. I know that there are many websites which are offering the same kind of services but everyone has its own experience.

My vision is to make this website the most preferable for the customers who buy products online. In some time I hope that it will go to the next level.



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